pronunciation of the plural of the suffix “-ism”.


a suffix is the end of a word with additional grammatical information.


means “taking side with” or “imitation of”.

describes philosophies, theories, religions, social movements, artistic movements, and behaviours.

is neutral and bears no connotations associated with any ideologies it might identify; specific ideological determinations are only informed by public or individual opinion.


plural of -ism

-isms is what we explore.


audio-visual performance that combines traditional Afro-Brazilian rhythms and ritualistic aesthetics with a jazz and dubstep inspired improvisational musical performance.

afrofuturistic concept where a berimbau dialogues with electronic beats and effects. The afrofuturistic take is the attitude to modernize African cultures through modern technology and creativity.

bridging the past and the future.

primal meets modern and they dance together.

audio and visual aesthetics are designed to create a new space for presence and togetherness: a ritual.

designed for empathic relationships and pleasure.

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